Friday, November 6, 2009

Winners vs Losers

The winner is always part of the answer while the loser is always part of the question.
The winner always has a program, the loser always has an excuse
The winner says "let me do it for you" , The loser says "thats not my job"
The winner sees an answer for every problem, The loser sees a problem for every answer
The winner says " it may be difficult but it is possible"  The loser says " it may be possible but it is difficult"
A winner makes commitments, a loser promises
Winners have dreams, losers schemes
Winners say "I must do something"; losers "something must be done"
Winners are part of the team, losers apart from the team
Winners see possibilities,­­ losers problems
Winners believe in win-win, losers to win someone has to lose
Winners sees the potential, losers see the past
Winners are like thermostats, losers thermometers
Winners choose what they say, losers say what they choose
Winners use hard arguements but soft words, losers soft arguements but hard words
Winners make it happen, losers let it happens
Winners plan and prepare to win, the key word is preparation. ALWAYS BE A WINNER

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